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Inverter type classification
Author: Date:2013-4-17 10:14:10 Visits:

 Inverter type: different according to the inverter output AC voltage waveform, inverters basic can be divided into three categories: square wave inverter, step wave inverter (also known as the modified sine wave is still essentially squarewave), sine wave inverter.

Square wave inverter AC output voltage waveform is a square wave, as shown in (a) above. Which is characterized by the circuit is relatively simple, cheap, and easy maintenance, use a small number of power switches, the design power is generally between 100 watts to kilowatts. The disadvantage is that contains large amounts of high-order harmonic square-wave voltage, with core inductor or transformer load will produce additional loss, low efficiency, there is interference on the audio equipment and communications equipment, pressure range is not wide enough to protect function is not perfect, the noise is relatively large, and is not suitable for inductive loads.

Inverter output AC voltage waveform of the the ladder wave (modified sine wave) step wave, as shown in (b) below. Step wave inverter output waveform such as wave improved significantly reduce the high harmonic content. The disadvantage is that the battery utilization efficiency is low, the low efficiency with inductive load. In addition, the step wave voltage of audio equipment and communications equipment there are still some high-frequency interference.

Sine wave inverter AC output voltage waveform is a sine wave with the same mains, as shown in (c) as shown. The advantages of the sine wave inverter output waveform, low distortion, audio equipment and communications equipment interference, low noise, In addition, the protection of a full-featured, high-power machine. The drawback is that the line is relatively complex, demanding, high cost of maintenance technology.
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